Roulette Table Hire

Roulette hire is the most popular service that we offer and is one of the easiest of the casino games to play. Hiring one of our roulette tables enables everyone in your party to join in the fun regardless of their skill level.

With our casino roulette wheel taken from one of the top London Casino’s, this will make the perfect centre piece for your party.

This is bound to impress your guests and add the perfect entertainment to your night.

Overview of the rules:

The roulette wheel is marked with numbers 1 – 36 and the symbol “0”. The numbers are alternately coloured red and black and the “0”  is green. Colour and number combinations offer a variety of betting options for an exciting gaming experience. A bet can be placed on individual numbers or groups of numbers on the betting layout. When the ball comes to rest on the roulette wheel, our trained roulette hire dealer will mark out the winning number on the table layout and pays the winning bets.


– 1 number straight pays 35-1
– 2 numbers split pays 17-1
– 3 number street pays 11-1
– 4 number square pays 8-1
– 6 number line pays 5-1
– Groups 1-12 or 13-24 or 25-36 pays 2-1
– 12 number column pays 2-1
– Even or odd pays 1-1
– Red or black pays 1-1

If the roulette ball lands on your number or sector, you will receive your stake back and in addition your winning which is calculated as your stake multiplied by the odds above.

Require further information, just ask one of our experienced croupiers as they are there to give you a helping hand on the night.

Hiring a roulette table will provide your event with an action packed game that is sure to entertain and excite.

With our professional and friendly service, we cater for all needs and events.

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